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Why Savee?

Antisemitism, Jew-hatred and holocaust denial content in social networks


Posts per day


user reach


remain live in the web


Increase in the number of Holocaust denial posts in recent years

How does Savee works?

By using “Generative AI” technology, we provide a solution to those looking to influence and be active – in the struggle against Holocaust denial on social networks.

savee, a chrome add-on, analyze texts and simultaneously collect counter facts from a validated database. Then, the tool summerizing these facts in order to phrase an accurate facts-based response.

Once the user has downloaded the add-on, all the user has to do in order to operate savee is to highlight the text, right- click and the tool will offer him an answer within seconds, directly to the comment’s text box. The user can then send the answer as is or edit it as desired.

 In the backend – once activated, savee sends the highlighted text to a Botify system, which converts the text into mathematical representation in order to analyze it. The system then connects to a preverified database, and looks for the most relevant data for the specific text in question. Lastly, the system prompts chat-GPT to phrase a summarized answer based solely on the facts found in the database.

The approach we took is to imitate the way Public Diplomacy representatives are using, when they use social networks. We were assisted by volunteers from recognized institutions and young ambassadors. We then facilitated this process by teaching our tool the historical relevance and context. We use specific examples of the desired answers by means of prompt engineering.

The facts were collected on their behalf.
Commemoration is now the duty of all of us.

Photo: Victor Levy

How did it all start?

The third spark hackathon took place on March 16-17th, 2023, with the aim of finding technological solutions to the challenges of Holocaust survivors, education and memorization.

The event brought together people from all ages and backgrounds who came for one common purpose – to work towards a future where we can all remember.

The founders of savee, who met for the first time at the event, are all third-generation descendants of Holocaust survivors with entrepreneurship and technological background.

Our Solution is designed for anyone who finds it challenging to react to Holocaust denial by using historical facts.

In our research, we were amazed by the phenomenon’s scope and its significant growth potential. 

We aim to counteract the phenomenon by raising awareness of existing yet not sufficiently accessible facts. Especially in today’s digital sphere where even the truth may get subjective meaning until it is proven otherwise.

Ido Schwartz

Student for Computer Science and Mathematics
Third generation to a survivor

Ori Kessler

Full Stack Developer, founder of #סיפור_קטן
Third generation to a survivor

Eliya Liv

Founder Botify, technology to create chat-bots based on facts,
Third generation to survive

Stav Cohen Lasri

Project Manager in Hi-Tech The granddaughter of the late Shlomo and Hanna Cohen
Third generation to a survivor

Ofer Nidam

Technical Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer Third generation to a survivor
Third generation to a survivor

Yoni Kessler

UX/UI designer and founder of web-design studio
Third generation to a survivor


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